Article title Universal Human Rights in the Law of the United States
Name of magazine Scientific-practical professional journal
«Law of the USA» (Ukrainian language)
Issue 1-2/2013
Сторінки [92-112]
Annotation This article discusses the relationship in United States Law between State, Federal, and international authorities on universal human rights. The constitution of each State in the Union, like the Federal constitution, recognize the «inherent» or «inalienable» rights of humanity. Yet despite having long accepted the binding force of universal human rights, U.S. courts and public officials have been hesitant to recognize non-U.S. authorities when identifying, interpreting, or enforcing these rights in practice. The U.S. government and courts view most international treaties and declarations concerning universal human rights as simple restatements of existing constitutional guarantees.
Keywords rights, human rights, universal rights, inherent rights, inalienable rights, U.S. Constitution, constitutionalism, U.S. State constitutions.