Article title The Right to Privacy
Name of magazine Scientific-practical professional journal
«Law of the USA» (Ukrainian language)
Issue 1-2/2013
Сторінки [132-153]
Annotation The article deals with the history and development right to privacy. The right to life has come to mean the right to enjoy life, — the right to be let alone. Recent inventions and business methods call attention to the step which must be taken for the protection of the person, and for securing to the, individual what is called the right «to be let alone». Our law should recognize and protect the right to privacy. The man has become more sensitive to publicity, so that solitude and privacy have become more essential to the individual. Right of privacy protection is compared with protection of intellectual property. The principle which protects personal writings and any other productions of the intellect or of the emotions, is the right to privacy. The limitations of this right, and what remedies may be granted for the enforcement of the right are considered.
Keywords privacy, publicity, right to life, right to property, intellectual property, family relations, correspondence.