Article title The Right to a Name in the Paradigm of Citizenship Concept
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 12/2017
Сторінки [123-131]

In the article the author analyzes, on the basis of European and world experience, the main legal considerations of the state policy in the field of realization of everyone's right to a name, determination of basic criteria for choosing a name, preconditions and requirements for its state registration by public authorities. In order to discuss the particular situation in the official personal name’s standardization and furthermore, its influence on everyday life of the ordinary people we should remember that usually name’s application is a crisp image of the cultural and historical heritage, recent upheaval of the political despair, lack of consensus among society, gap in regions’ development etc Unfortunately, it should be understood, that in Ukraine issues regarding the name, criteria of their selection and requirements/preconditions of their registration by public authorities, perception of a person’s name in adolescence and adult life are poorly reflected by all actors in this process.

Keywords citizenship, human right to a name, public authorities, catalogue of names, naming legislation