Article title Observance of Right to Privacy in the Implementation of Social Control Aimed at Crime Counteraction
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 12/2017
Сторінки [132-139]

The article deals with the issues of correlation of inviolability of private life and social control aimed at crime counteracting. The author stipulates the fact that the bodies specially authorized to counteract the crime are significantly limited in their activities because of the need for strict observance of the human right to privacy. However, this restriction has signs of redundancy and does not fully comply with existing European standards. On the other hand, the established practice with the help of which it became possible to unconditionally restrict the right to privacy of the person, including in cases not permitted by the current legislation of Ukraine. In a complex these two circumstances testify to the need to rethink the current legislative regulation of the relationship between the right to privacy and social control.

Keywords the right to privacy, inviolability of the person's privacy, measures of social control, secret investigative actions, admissibility of evidence