Article title Problems in the Application of the Institute of Representation in the Activity of Arbitration Managers
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 12/2017
Сторінки [203-210]

The article is devoted to the problematic issues of using arbitration managers of the institute of representation for attracting other persons with the purpose of ensuring the realization of their own powers. The classification of the rights and duties of the arbitration manager was conducted, on the basis of which the possibility of using the institution of representation separately for each group of authorities was analyzed. It was investigated the legal positions of the courts, outlined in court decisions and acts of an explanatory nature. It was formulated the proposals for amending the Law of Ukraine «On Restoring Debtor's Solvency or Declaring it Bankrupt».

Keywords bankruptcy, arbitration manager, procedural activity, legal capacity, liabilities, delegation, representation, power of attorney