Article title Constitutional Democracy: Constitutional Values in the Discourse of Substantive and Procedural Democracy

Doctor of Law, Professor, Director, Comparative Public Law and International Law Research Institute, Uzhhorod University (Uzhhorod, Ukraine) ORCID ID:


Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 10/2019
Сторінки [40-65]

The article elaborates on constitutional democracy as a complex phenomenon which depends on the institutional capacity of the State and the situation with the rule of law against the background of development of socio-political institutions. This issue is viewed through the system of constitutional values – human dignity, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law as the fundamentals of modern constitutionalism.

Constitutional democracy allows overcoming the dilemma of constitutionalism as institutions and procedures for limiting power and democracy resting on the rule of the majority which is restricted by the rights of the minority. A step-up in the use of electronic (digital) democracy entails the need to protect personal data of individuals against possible abuses by public authorities. The fundamentals of constitutionalism set such a democratic governance order which takes into account the vertical and horizontal foundations of the Constitution ensuring the requirements of the appropriate democratic procedure and balancing the interests of majority and minority in a pluralistic society. Constitutional democracy rests upon an institutionally strong State capable of methodically and consistently implementing its decisions which should meet the democratic legitimacy criteria and be underlain by respect for human dignity. The situation with the rule of law against the background of development of sociopolitical institutions also has an impact on the level of constitutional democracy, since its standards are crucial for ensuring a balance of interests. The author concludes that national sovereignty is a combination of political sovereignty embodied in the vote of the people and juridical sovereignty which is exercised through decision-making by the authorized legislature, where the Parliament is bound by decisions of the popular vote, and which should ensure the implementation of these decisions in a certain way.


Keywords the rule of law; democracy; protection of the Constitution; institutional capacity of the State; constitutional democracy; constitutionalism; substantive democracy; national sovereignty; human rights; procedural democracy


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