Article title Historical Dynamics of Government in Cossack Hetman State
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 08/2015
Сторінки [158-166]
Annotation Review of the historical dynamics of Hetmanate legal system allowes to identify three periods of changing forms of government: 1) formational (1572–1648); 2) republican (1648–1722; 1727–1734 and 1750–1764); 3) monarchic (1722–1727, 1734–1750 and 1764–1782). At the formational stage the Zaporizhia Army were an autonomous entity in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth with features of republican government. At the second stage aristocratic republic was established where the Cossacks were a privileged group. The third – monarchic – stage consisted of three periods when the Russian authorities in Hetmanate were represented by the First and Second Little Russian Collegia and the Hetman government. They settled the issue of gradual incorporation of Hetmanate.
Keywords Hetmanate, government, decree, Council of the Army, First Little Russian Collegium, Council of Elders, Hetman government, Second Little Russian Collegium.