Article title The Western Ukrainian School of Private Law
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 6/2014
Сторінки [56-65]

The article determines that the formation and development of the civil law science in the Western Ukraine are primarily associated with the educational and scientific activity of professors and associate professors at the Faculty of Law of Lviv University. Among the scientists whose names are associated scientific achievements Lviv the civil law schools should be called A. Ogonowskyy, S. Dnistryanskyy, A. Pashuk, A. Sawitska, V. Luts, Z. Romovska, V. Kossak, O. Yaworska and others who have researched the problems of the protection of civil rights and interests of civil liability and investment law. Prykarpatska scientific school of civil law was founded by V. Luts and V. Vasylieva at the Department of Civil Law and Procedure of V. Stefanyk Carpathian National University. Topical issues of contract and corporate law are developed in the works of these and other scientists (I. Banasevych, M. Loginova, O. Zozulyak, I. Sarakun etc.).

The formation of the civil law school in Yu. Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University is conventionally divided into three periods: a) Austrian (O. Granvayn, K. Adler); b) Romanian (G. Dregenesku, I. Lungulyak); c) Soviet (N. Getmantseva, V. Nykyforak, A. Butyrskiy etc.). The civil research are conducted by scientists at the Department of Civil Disciplines of the National University «Ostrog Academy» (R. Lidovets, T. Blaschuk, A. Philipiev and others), as well as at the Department of Civil Law and Procedure of the Faculty of Law of Ternopil National University of Economics (V. Sloma, I. Kalaur, I. Lukasevych-Krutnyk etc.). Works of these scientists and other law schools of the western region of Ukraine are undeniable contribution to the spiritual treasury of the ukrainian people and the basis for further research problems of private law.

Keywords private law, contract law, civil liability, investment law, protection of family rights.