Article title Form of State Government in Ukraine: In Search of Constitutional Models
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 8/2014
Сторінки [105-116]
Annotation The article is devoted to analysis of the form of state government in Ukraine, which characterizes the state as a democratic and legal, and is directly linked to the establishment of an effective mechanism of powers separation and mutual checks and counterbalances. The author emphasized that for the development of the optimum approach to the solution of this complicated problem it is necessary to consider: firstly, the historical experience of the formation and development of forms of government in different countries; secondly, theoretical models of forms of government, their features, advantages and disadvantages; and thirdly, the experience of constitutional securing the forms of government in Ukraine. A detailed analysis of several draft laws amending the Constitution of Ukraine is carried out, which allows ascertaining the aspiration of a lawmaker to realize a mixed model of government in Ukraine. The author draws a conclusion about the importance of constitutional reform of a parliamentary-presidential model, which has not yet exhausted its improvement resources, as well as the inexpediency of radical revision of the existing form of government in Ukraine.
Keywords form of state government, presidential republic, parliamentary democracy, mixed government, constitutional reform, presidential-parliamentary republic.