Article title Suffrage: Theoretical Aspect
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 5/2013
Сторінки [122-133]
Annotation In the article an attempt of in-depth study of the concept, content and scope of suffrage is made. It is recognized as the sub-institute of the general institute of elections and of the major institute of suffrage in constitutional law, it’s definition and expanded list of social relations that are subject to its regulation are offered. The article examines a variety of approaches to understanding the concept of «suffrage», a controversy about the completeness of disclosure of its nature and importance, particularly such as the right to vote, the right of choice, to vote and to participate in referendums and other public meetings, giving the author’s definition of it. Suffrage is proposed to be considered in an objective sense, as social relations, regulated by the legal provisions and concerned participation of citizens in formation of elected bodies and as a subjective right, which consists of a set of powers in the electoral process at all stages of the commission of actions not prohibited by law aimed at election of desired person to elective post and providing the opportunity to participate in elections. Substantive attention is paid to the characteristics of pithy elements and scope of suffrage, as well as the factors that affect them, especially on their contraction. The issue of subjects of suffrage and the terms of their capability are not passed by.
Keywords suffrage, elections, electoral law, principles of electoral law, legal institution, the content and scope of suffrage.