Article title Limits of the Permitted State Court Interference into International Arbitration in Ukraine: Review of Legislation and Court Practice
Name of magazine Scientific-practical legal journal
«Alternative Dispute Resolution»
(1 half of the year – in Ukrainian,
2 half of the year – in Russian)
Issue 1/2013
Сторінки [16-24]

This article focused on legal analysis of the limits of court interference into the work of international arbitration under Ukrainian laws as well as on court practice review in this regard. Also the author concentrates on parity between the autonomy of international arbitration and the court involvement ensuring the mechanism of control and assistance to international arbitration as well as cooperation between arbitration and State courts. The article provides an analysis of the court practice in respect of application of Ukrainian law provisions limiting the court interference into international arbitration in Ukraine.

Keywords international arbitration, court interference, cooperation, control and assistance functions, recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.