Article title Legal regulation of mediation in foreign countries
Name of magazine Scientific-practical legal journal
«Alternative Dispute Resolution»
(1 half of the year – in Ukrainian,
2 half of the year – in Russian)
Issue 1/2013
Сторінки [127-138]
Annotation The article has differentiated between the notions of traditional mediation and the modern model of mediation. Then, it has analysed the subjects of legal relations that are involved in mediation, and the content of legal regulation of these relations. The special attention was paid to the mechanisms of legal regulation of mediation, in particular three of them — free-market and contractual regulation, self-regulation by professional organisations of mediators, and statutory regulation. Taking into account various degrees of impact that the above mechanisms have upon the demand in mediation services, this article has discussed the main trends of legal regulation of mediation in foreign countries.
Keywords alternative dispute resolution, mediation, legal regulation, mechanisms of legal regulation.