Article title Austrian Arbitration Law — an Introduction
Name of magazine Scientific-practical legal journal
«Alternative Dispute Resolution»
(1 half of the year – in Ukrainian,
2 half of the year – in Russian)
Issue 1/2013
Сторінки [64-75]
Annotation This article provides an overview of the Austrian arbitration legislation. The article analyses the following issues of domestic and international arbitration under the law of Austria: the essential elements of and requirements concerning the form of the arbitration agreement, the application of the arbitration agreement to third parties, the principle of «Kompetenz-Kompetenz», requirements concerning the composition of the arbitral tribunal, conduct of the arbitration proceedings (including the seat of arbitration, applicable law, taking of evidence, and questions of cooperation between national courts and arbitration tribunals in Austria), interim measures in arbitration, requirements for the form and content of an arbitral award, as well as challenges to and enforcement of arbitral awards.
Keywords Austria, arbitration law, domestic arbitration, international arbitration.