Article title Kadi Case considered by the Court of Justice of the European Union
Name of magazine Scientific-practical professional journal «European Law» (Ukrainian language)
Issue 1-2/2013
Сторінки [146-156]
Annotation The author analyzes the ECJ judgment in the Kadi case. Factual background of the case, history of proceedings, provisions of contested acts of the European Union, findings and reasoning of the Court of Justice in the mentioned case are analyzed. The author makes his own assessment of the ECJ judgment in the case and emphasizes that the decision must be commended for its confirmation of human rights protection in the EU and also for putting pressure on the Security Council to install such protection on the UN level. Yet, it is first and foremost of significant relevance with regard to the Court’s remarks on the relationship between European law and international law.
Keywords Kadi case, the Court of Justice, the Court of First Instance, the restrictive measures freezing funds, terrorism, human rights, the rules, UN Security Council resolution.
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