Article title On the Issue of Pedophilia in a Modern Russian Society
Name of magazine Scientific-practical journal
«Medical Law» Ukrainian language
Issue 2/2014
Сторінки [11-17]
Annotation The issue of pedophilia in the Russian Federation is elucidated, historical, contemporary and foreign aspects of this problem are analyzed. Conceptual categories, first of all the meaning of the term “pedophilia” are researched. Legal regulation of this problem is researched, in particular novelties of the Russian legislation, which lie in defining new crime composition – disorder of sexual preference, which is defined as pedophilia. Russian criminal laws in the context of responsibility for crimes of sexual character are described. The necessity to increase responsibility for committing such crimes to minors is highlighted. Theoretical provisions of the article are supported by specific examples from practice. A set of measures, which are taken in Russian Federation to fight pedophilia, procedure of applying measures of involuntary treatment to persons, who committed crimes against sexual inviolability of a person, who did not reach the age of fourteen as well as its peculiarities, for example chemical castration are described in article. Attention is paid to legal novelties in this direction, i.e. abrogation of a release on parole of pedophiles. Authors’ proposals concerning ways and methods of fighting crimes, which were committed against sexual inviolability of children, are formulated.
Keywords crimes against sexual inviolability and sexual freedom of a person, rape, inducing to actions of sexual character, sexual relations and other actions of sexual character with a person, who did not reach the age of sixteen