Article title On the Question of Defining the Concepts and Featuresof the Pharmaceutical Market and Competition Therein
Name of magazine Scientific-practical journal
«Medical Law» Ukrainian language
Issue 2/2014
Сторінки [28-36]
Annotation Pharmaceutical market is an essential component of the product market and at the same time the significant part of public health service. The aim of this research is to determine the set of features of the pharmaceutical market and competition existing therein for the purpose of further providing definitions for these legal categories (“pharmaceutical market” and “competition in the pharmaceutical market”). At the outset the author provides the analysis of the state policy governing public health service emphasizing that the effectiveness of functioning of the pharmaceutical market is one of the essential markers of the quality governing of the said sphere. Аrticle includes the analysis of the features of the pharmaceutical market providing the features as they are perceived both by consumers and manufacturers. In particular, from consumers’ standpoint the features of the pharmaceutical market include the necessity of demand, the influence of advertising on the demand, price differentiation etc. From the manufacturers’ standpoint the features of the pharmaceutical market include necessary licensing of the activity, numerous cases of unfair competition etc. The text further includes the author’s definition of “pharmaceutical market”. At the same time, the author notes that the dominant factor of the successful functioning of the pharmaceutical market is the competition of product manufacturers operating in this market. In the course of the analysis of the norms of the current legislation and the provisions of the doctrine, the author distinguishes the following features of the competition in the pharmaceutical market: social orientation of competition, availability of features of price and non-price competition, replaceability of pharmaceuticals etc. Based on these criteria the researcher provides the author’s definition of “competition in the pharmaceutical market”.
Keywords state policy, public health service, pharmaceutical market