Article title The Interpretation of LawSummary
Name of magazine Scientific journal «Philosophy of Law and General Theory of Law» (Ukrainian language)
Issue 1-2/2014
Сторінки [36-52]

Article deals with the Ronald Dworkin’s theory of interpretation. Theauthor reveals the Dworkin’s thesis about three stages of understanding — preinterpretive,interpretative and post-interpretative — and gives examples of theapplication of this scheme to the law. Thus, according to Dworkin, the law is subject to aconstructive (or artistic) interpretation, that is, we must show legal practice in its bestlight. By defining the concept of law and the conception of law (it is possible theexistence of several conceptions of one concept), Dworkinreveals the concept of law asintegrity — virtue that enables principled adjustment between justice and fairness.

Keywords interpretation of the law, concept, conception, integrity, coherence.