Article title Psychological Current in the European Legal Science in the 20th Century
Name of magazine Scientific journal «Philosophy of Law and General Theory of Law» (Ukrainian language)
Issue 1/2013
Сторінки [314-321]
Annotation The article is devoted to the research of the development of the psychological school of law in the XX century.The author considers works of those European authors who belong to the psychological school of law. At the same time, the author demonstrates the influence of the psychological theory of law by L. Petrazycki on the development of the psychological school of law in Europe. In the article, inter alia, the works of such European scholars as Haff, Huber, Klein, Riezler, Rolin, Rumelin and Lhumann are analyzed. In the author’s view, the psychological school has not yet exhausted its creative potential in the legal science and the new upsurge might await it in the XXI century.
Keywords psychological theory of law, L. Petrazycki, history of political and legal teachings, legal science, sociology of law.
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