Article title Are We Violating the Human Rights of the World's Poor?
Name of magazine Scientific journal «Philosophy of Law and General Theory of Law» (Ukrainian language)
Issue 2/2013
Сторінки [94-123]
Annotation A human rights violation involves unfulfilled human rights and a specific active causal relation of human agents to such non-fulfillment. This causal relation may be interactional; but it may also be institutional, as when agents collaborate in designing and imposing institutional arrangements that foreseeably and avoidably cause human rights to be unfulfilled. Readily available evidence suggests that (a) basic social and economic human rights remain unfulfilled for around half the world's population and (b) the design of supranational institutional arrangement plays a major role in explaining why the poorer half of humanity is suffering a rapid decline in its share (now below three percent) of global household income. A strong case can be made, then, that well-to-do citizens of influential states collaboratively violate the human rights of the global poor on a massive scale.
Keywords аdequate standard of living, Henry Shue, human rights deficit, John Rawls, negative and positive duties, slavery, supranational institutional regime, United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, world poverty.
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