Article title The Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Problems of Improving Russian Legislation
Name of magazine Scientific-practical professional journal «Comparative Law»
(Ukrainian language)
Issue 1-2/2013
Сторінки [424-434]
Annotation The article analyzes the development trend of modern Russian law, the foundation of which is the Constitution of Russia. The problems of the development of legislation related to the lack of perception of the values ​​and the provisions of the Russian Constitution. Among them – the lack of synchronization in the development of branches of Russian legislation, imbalances, the "gap" between the legislature and the idea of ​​law enforcement, the error of legal technique, legal monitoring, the complexity of implementing institutions of self-regulation.
Keywords Constitution of the Russian Federation, the constitutional values​​, complex branch of legislation, systematization of legislation, codification, the stability of the law, legal technique, law enforcement practices.