Article title Development of the Institute of Ownership in Ukraine
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Russian version)
Issue 5-6/2012
Сторінки [48-67]

The article highlights the main features of the formation of the legislation on property rights in the Soviet Ukraine and modern period.

1917–1961 are considered as a period of forced liquidation of capitalist private property and formation of socialist property. Legislation acts, which are establishing many of the benefits for the state and socialist property ownership restrictions for citizen, are analyzed.

1961–1989 are considered as the period of the codification of the civil law, when the socialist and personal property has received a full settlement. The analysis of the Fundamentals of Civil Legislation of the USSR and Union Republics, as well as of the Civil Code of USSR (1963) is made. With the proclamation of independence of Ukraine began the formation of a new institution of property rights and other rights, which provided a variety of forms of ownership, including private. The analysis of the Law of Ukraine «On property», the Civil Code of Ukraine, and other legislative acts is fulfilled.

Keywords property, property rights, the institution of property rights, private property, public property.
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