Article title Institution of Civil Liability in the National and Foreign Civil Law Doctrine

Doctor of juridical science (habilitated degree), Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Law Sciences, Honoured worker of science and technology of Ukraine, Vice President - The Head of the Kyiv Regional Department of the National Academy of Law Sciences (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 1/2019
Сторінки [186-203]
DOI 10.33498/louu-2019-01-186

The modern stage of society development is characterized by rapid dynamics of information relations, tighter interrelations between divergent phenomena, and significant conceptual conflicts caused by the globalization process. This reference point for cognitive activity is also relevant in the context of study of such a fundamental legal category as legal liability. On its part, systematic understanding of the issues pertaining to liability in civil law calls for taking into consideration not only the retrospective and the trends of civil doctrine against the background of integration of legal systems, but also the context of progressive aspirations of society expressed by the idea of civil society. The article aims at identifying the state and prospects of development of civil-law liability as an institution within the framework of scientific comprehension and lawmaking search efforts underway in the modern comparative legal plane. The author highlights the social and instrumental aspects of the nature of the liability category and emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the legal phenomenon and the main methodological issues of civil liability, in particular, also with due regard for its general philosophical aspects. The article reviews the main doctrinal approaches to clarifying the issue of justification of conditions (grounds) of liability in civil law. The author expresses support of the doctrine of essential elements of a civil offense as the basis upon which civil liability arises, and at the same time notes that there are no fundamental scientific studies researching into the grounds of bringing to civil liability and discharging from it, separate conditions of liability, the category of “insuperable force”, and also the incompleteness of research regarding the correlation of such categories as “civil liability”, “protection of civil rights”, “abuse of subjective civil rights” currently observed in private law doctrine. The author also emphasizes the importance of the practical component of civil liability - its efficiency as an element of the legal regulation mechanism. The article describes the nature of qualitative changes in the substantive content of the legal liability institution in the context of development of the rule-of-law State and shaping of civil society. In this regard, it is concluded that there is a connectedness between the understanding of positive liability and the implementation by civil liability of its preventive and educational functions. As part of the issue of updating the civil legislation of Ukraine, the author notes the potential efficiency of some articles of DCFR, which have general importance for the regulation of civil liability as the institution. At the same time, detalization of certain provisions of DCFR at a high extent, the increased focus on the issues of “legal technology” and fragmentation are recognized as specific features of DCFR’s legal ideology.

Keywords legal liability; civil-law liability; globalization; civil society; positive liability; essential elements of civil offense; DCFR

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