Article title Personal Non-Property Rights in the National Doctrine of Civil Law

Doctor of science of law, Professor, Professor of Civil and Legal Disciplines Department Kharkiv national University of Internal Affairs (Kharkiv City, Ukraine) ORCID ID:


Doctor of science of law, Associate professor, Head of Civil Law and Procedure Department Kharkiv national University of Internal Affairs(Kharkiv City, Ukraine) ORCID ID:


Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 1/2019
Сторінки [105-119]
DOI 10.33498/louu-2019-01-105

Legal doctrine is the foundation of law-making, law application and law implementation. On their part, the latter have an impact on the shaping of the national civil law doctrine and provide a stimulus to its development. Given that modern society has a special respect for human rights and freedoms, their real assurance and guarantee at the national as well as at the international levels, there can not be the slightest doubt about a particular importance of the doctrine of personal non-property rights. This article aims at expanding and clarifying the ideas of personal non-property rights in the national civil law doctrine. The author examines the factors which had an impact on the development of the doctrine of personal non-property rights, with due regard for the experience of European countries. It is noted that today the national law theory is dominated by a positive concept according to which personal /non-property relations are regarded as a part of the subject of civil law and are thus protected by it and regulated by it as well. Given the specific features of the object, their legal regulation mechanism is close to that which is applied to the relations with results of intellectual and creative efforts. The author has established that today an increasing importance is gained by a point of view according to which some legal relations can have a dual nature and comprise personal non-property and property rights,and personal non-property legal relations which underlie an individual’s social existence can be targeted at satisfying not only of non-property interest but property interest as well. The author demonstrates that, in contrast to the traditional standpoint that personal non-property rights can emerge and terminate only by virtue of law, birth of a person or his/her death, there is a growing support of another standpoint according to which the grounds for emergence, modification or termination of personal non-property rights are fully covered by the general provisions of legal facts. The article also focuses on the current issues of the doctrine of personal non-property rights held by legal entities. It is noted that in most modern studies scholars have a positive attitude to the existence of a whole system of personal non-property rights of a legal entity. Given the findings of the research, the author indicates some aspects of further development of the national doctrine of personal non-property rights, and outlines their prospects and significance. 

Keywords relations under civil-law; personal non-property rights; natural person; legal entity

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