Article title Development Trends of Competition Law and Policy of Ukraine

Doctor of Science of Law, Professor, Senior Researcher The Academician F. H. Burchak Scientific-Research Institute of Private Law and Entrepreneurship of National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine) ORCID ID:

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Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 11/2021
Сторінки [13-26]

All types of government policies can affect market competition, for good or bad. Governments should ensure that social or other policies that are not intended to damage market competition do not do so unnecessarily or by accident.

In some instances, policies restricting competition are the result of businesses lobbying to avoid competition, in other cases, they may simply be the result of insufficient assessment being carried out at the policy design stage. In many cases, alternative approaches can be found to achieve the policy’s purpose, while avoiding unnecessary restrictions of competition. Competition can also be used to make policy more effective. The achievement of national goals is inextricably linked to the development of competition provided by state competition policy and competition law. Dialectics of interrelation state policy on development of competition and competition law is capable to provide achievement of the national purposes directed on complex development of social and economic relations in interests of society and the state.


Keywords state policy on competition development; competition law; National competition strategy


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