Article title Democratic Traditions of the European Universities as the Development Assurance of Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions in Interwar Period

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Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 2/2021
Сторінки [163-170]

The article deals with the study of the Ukrainian scientists’ activities in one of the largest and most notable centres of Ukrainian political emigration since the early twenties of the 20th century – in the Prague one. It has been pointed out that the Ukrainian intellectuals in foreign countries did not abandon their thoughts about the restoration of a united sovereign state. The Ukrainian state and legal thought development were associated both with the functioning of the Ukrainian Free University as well as other higher education institutions and with the broad involving of European democratic traditions during the emigration period.

The professors had to solve such important and difficult tasks as: to create independent university courses on many disciplines for Law Department which programmes had already been significantly expanded in Prague. Having a complicated scientific and methodological work the Ukrainian scientists performed a responsible task successfully; dozens of legal courses were compiled and partially published, most of the specializedcourses differed in originality and made a significant contribution to the development of legal thought and science. Regarding the teaching activity of scientists in emigration, and in the past many of them were lawyers-practitioners and statesmen, we should note that their reports and lecture materials are characterized by deep preparation, content, thoughtfulness and consistency of the basic idea development.

The training of Ukrainian youth in higher education institutions in Czechoslovakia was completely saturated not only with European worldview and methodological approaches, but also retained progressive national-state traditions.

The forced situation, in which legal scientists got, brought them to such a theoretical and practical level of training of legal staff, to which we are only approaching today.

This stage was viewed by young people as temporary and did not even imagine that they would remain in the West forever; prepared to “return home not empty-handed”.

Thus, modern legal education and science need advanced more thorough research on the legal refinement of legal scholars in exile. University students and postgraduate students should take an active part in events where scientists and students of law faculties of Ukrainian higher schools in Europe are popularized. It is advisable to organize discussions about state-legal, socio-political views, cultural activities of figures. It is also necessary to intensify the individual search for the scientific activities of Ukrainian emigration in certain areas of law.


Keywords Ukrainian Free University; legal education; interwar period; emigrant scholars; state


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