Article title Stages of Juridical Forecasting Process
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 1/2016
Сторінки [130-135]

The most famous in post Soviet jurisprudence viewpoints on the question about process stage of juridical forecasting have been analyzed. On illogicality of those circuits of this process, which provide, that construction of mathematical model, which describes the system of connections and relationships of object of forecasting with external factors, precedes detection of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of social and legal factors that affect object prediction and definition of the form and density of connection between this object and those listed factors have been specified. The author has shown inadmissibility of ignoring intrinsic factor in the process of building mathematical model of forecasting. The doubts about validity of allocation of separate stages for perspective and normative forecasting have been expressed. There have been concluded that stages of process of the legal forecasting are: 1) pre- prognostic orientation; 2) collecting and systemic analysis of information about object of forecasting and forecast background; 3) construction of forecast; 4) forecast verification; 5) correction of forecast; 6) preparing of results of forecasting and their acceptance by the customer of forecast research.

Keywords stages, juridical forecasting, mathematical models, verification, process.