Article title Substantial Damage and Aggravate Consequences as Elements of Crimes in Ministerial Practice: Problems of Interpretation of Criminal Law
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 12/2015
Сторінки [69-81]

The article is dedicated to clarify the content of criminal law concepts of «substantial damage» and «aggravate consequences» as elements of crimes under Articles 364, 3641, 365, 3652, 366, 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Based on the analysis of the approaches expressed in the legal literature it has been established that as a result of legislative changes from May 13, 2014 the application scope of these criminal prohibitions was limited. At the same time it is argued that the concept of substantial damage and aggravate consequences in terms of criminal liability for crimes in office can cover not only property losses, but also other socially dangerous consequences — provided that restoration of violated rights, freedoms and lawful interests of individuals and entities, state or territorial communities is associated with property losses incurred by them in the appropriate amounts.

Keywords substantial damage, serious consequences, crimes in office, note, socially dangerous consequences, property damage.