Article title Civil Society Institutions in the Measures of Corruption Prevention and Counteraction in Ukraine
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 4/2014
Сторінки [141-149]
Annotation Some aspects of corruption prevention and counteraction, sanctions, prospects and problems of civil society in anti-corruption opposition are considered in the article. Ukrainian realities clearly indicate that one of the most painful problems of the state is the problem of corruption. Totality of this social blemish, threatening state security, erodes public morality, harms economic, political and social development of the country, affects the building of a developed civil society. Unfortunately, it must be noted that every year the social blemish as corruption is becoming a larger scale, actively threatens the stability and security of civil society, negates and destroys public confidence in the fairness of the state, the Constitution of Ukraine. The fundamental law of the state — the Constitution of Ukraine — guarantees the citizens to defend their rights and interests can create associations of citizens. The article analyzed the problems of civil society support from the state: in-depth understanding of the participation of civil society in preventing and combating corruption, wide coverage and public awareness of the results of implementation of the state anti-corruption policy, and suggests ways to address pressing issues.
Keywords corruption, civil society, prevention, resistance, mechanisms, anti-corruption instruments.