Article title Establishment and General Characteristics of the Concept of «E-Commerce»
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 4/2014
Сторінки [220-227]
Annotation The article deals with the history of development and general characteristics of the concept of «e-commerce». For the purpose of Article disclosure relates changes in approaches to terminological apparatus reflected in the legal acts in the historical context. Also in the light of legal acts reveals the essence of the modern understanding of the term «e-commerce» and state legislative work in this area. Particular attention is paid to the use of terminology in the draft law, registered in the Parliament of Ukraine. Attention is paid to scientific approaches regarding disclosure of terminology relating to electronic commerce. Also, the author gives his own definition of the term «electronic commerce».
Keywords Internet, electronic document, electronic document management, digital signature, e-commerce, e-business.