Article title Ensuring Effective Functioning of the System of Democratic Authority: Ukraine and Foreign Experience
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 5/2015
Сторінки [72-80]
Annotation The issues of functioning of national system of public authority and foreign experience are studied in the article. Principal models of the organization of system of public authority, relationship between main branches of the public authority are analyzed. Three main models of the organization of the public authority are determined: presidential, «parliament» (or parliamentary) and presidential and parliamentary (or mixed), as well as their characteristics and basic specific features of the mechanism of control and counterbalances. The special place of judicial authority in the system of public authorities and a way of ensuring efficiency of functioning of the public authority is emphasized. Issues of interrelation and influence of a type of electoral system on functioning of a particular model of the public authority are analyzed.
Keywords public authority, efficiency, organization, model, presidential system of government, parliamentary system of government, mixed system of government, evolution, type of electoral system.