Article title Inheritance Relations in Modern Private International Law
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 7/2013
Сторінки [154-182]
Annotation The article reviews modern trends in dealing with conflicts arising in the field of international inheritance relations. The author has made a detailed analysis of causes giving rise to conflicts and has studied the aspects of legal regulation of inheritance in many jurisdictions. The work also highlights some topical issues of conflict regulation in the international inheritance law. The article describes the modern judicial and notarial practice in this area of regulation. A particular focus is made on international legal regulation (multilateral cross-border inheritance conventions; regional unification; bilateral agreements on relations in inheritance matters). The author addresses an acute problem of escheated property in legal relations complicated by a foreign element and describes the issues of the acquisition of rights to the inheritance by the State. The peculiarities of regulation of the rights of inheritance of Ukrainian citizens abroad and of foreign citizens in Ukraine are studied in the context of modern laws existing in the field of private international law.
Keywords inheritance in private international law, conflict in relations of inheritance, international inheritance, inheritance abroad, international agreements in the field of relations of inheritance.