Article title Harmonisation and Deharmonisation of the Copyright and Related Rights in the European Union
Name of magazine Scientific journal «Private Law»
Issue 2 (українська мова)/2013
Сторінки [80-88]
Annotation The author suggests the analysis of results of harmonization of legislation in the field of copyright and related rights in the European Union, and different views on the results of harmonization of the academics and European commission. Constraints in the application of the directives as a tool for the harmonization and deharmonization of the legislation at the stage of implementation of the directives by member States and Court practice, as well as the challenges of the development of copyright and related rights in Europe are covered in the article. It is shown that the program of harmonization implemented in the EU more than 20 years ago did not resulted in the creation of a single copyright and related rights space in the EU. The real unification of the legislation as it is considered by European academics is connected with the adoption of the EU regulation on copyright. The tendency of last years to support the modern models of distribution of audiovisual production and music in the EU is shown.
Keywords copyright, related rights, legislation, harmonization, European Union.
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