Article title Establishment and Development of the Institute of Self-Protection of Property Rights in Ukraine
Name of magazine Scientific journal «Private Law»
Issue 2 (українська мова)/2013
Сторінки [148-159]

The article is devoted to the research of self-protection of property rights as a form of protection of civil rights and legitimate interests of the participants of civil relations. The main problems, which are paid attention to in the research, are: the identification of the specificities of self-defense of rights, the specific use of particular tools and methods of nonjurisdictional form of protection of property rights, research the conditions of legitimacy and legality of the use of such methods. The peculiarities of self-defense and self-protection of property rights and their definitions are examined in this article, the legal nature of nonjurisdictional forms of protection of property rights is learned, the way of use of certain means of self-defense is specified. The author also offers a number of way and means of use of selfprotection of rights, which should essentially improve the legal regulation of relations in learned field.

Keywords property rights, self-defense, self-protection, self-defense of rights, signs of selfdefense, the legal nature of self-defense, self-defense mechanism of property rights.
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