Article title Correlation of rule of law principle and supremacy of statute principle in the framework of modern state building
Name of magazine Journal «The Student Legal Journal» (Ukrainian language)
Issue 1/2011
Сторінки [61-65]
Annotation The issue of distinguishing the principles of «rule of law» and «rule of law (statute)» in current development conditions of society has a high level of relevance, as the formation of legal nationality and building of civil society request from national science of theory of state and law the modern thinking of the content and the essence of key categories of law and law(statute), confirmation the principle of rule of law, differences between sources of law have caused to distinguishing between notions «law» and «law(statute)». Therefore, the author pays a significant attention to the basic approaches to understanding the principles of «rule of law» and «rule of law(statute)», realizing the factors which influence the level of perception of fundamental basis effectiveness of above mentioned principles.
Keywords principle of rule of law, principle of law(statute), law-governed state, civil society, law, statute, system of statutory acts.