Article title Morality and law: cooperation under modern circumstances
Name of magazine Journal «The Student Legal Journal» (Ukrainian language)
Issue 4/2011
Сторінки [43-53]
Annotation Law is connected with different social institutes depending on economic, social, political and cultural system, the level of differentiation of various relations. In this context the special attention is paid to the correlation between law and morality, its sovereignty, independence and value. The morality with its nature and origin differs from the law, they are the integral part of spiritual life of human being and society in whole. Nevertheless either law or morality mediate human behaviour, functioning through the estimation of such behaviour and the mechanism of social opinion. Law by its own basic characteristics is the institutional and social regulator, which provides the organization of various social relations. Therefore, law and morality are self-dependent instruments of social regulation that correlate, however being as self-dependent and sovereign phenomena. All mentioned aspects define the actuality of this scientific work and cause the necessity of analysis such issues.
Keywords morality, law, society, legitimacy.