Назва статті Юридична доктрина України: актуальність і науково-методологічні основи

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Назва журналу Юридичний журнал «Право України» (україномовна версія)
Випуск 2/2021
Сторінки [13-28]

The article is devoted to the problem of actuality and methodological bases of legal doctrine in modern Ukraine formulation and implementation.

The purpose of the article is to define the concept of legal doctrine of Ukraine and methodological principles of its content formation in connection with the concept of the national idea of Ukraine.

The necessity of doctrinal definition of the national idea of Ukraine is substantiated and the concept and methodological bases of legal doctrine of Ukraine are revealed.

The article notes that existing positive law systems in the world at the present stage of development require their adaptation to the needs of democracy, therefore the rules of law should be guided by the criteria established by the modern era philosophical doctrine.

The existence of governance crisis is based on old approaches in the modern world, so there is a need to change nation-states by abandoning the principle of “divide and rule” and the transition of public administration to the opposite principle of governance – the unification of mankind, with increasing social security, justice.

The significance of the national idea in this context as a reference point of the national development of the country is revealed, which acquires the significance of the national goal and, at the same time, a necessary condition – a theoretical means for carrying out transformations. It is concluded that the universal national idea of modernity is the development of independent, sovereign, democratic, social, legal nation-states and that depending on the specific historical conditions of each state; this universal idea acquires a specific meaning of its special national idea for each country.

The scientific concept of legal doctrine as a dialectical unity of general, special and separate is determined, namely: general doctrinal approaches, special doctrinal ideas, concepts, specific doctrinal provisions, and decisions is defined. It is argued that the legal doctrine of Ukraine is a systematic idea of the complex transformation of the political andlegal systems of Ukraine on a scientific basis; the project that combines different ideas of transformation «under the banner» of the national idea of Ukraine, developing it based on the scientific method of ascent from the abstract to the concrete.

 Legal doctrine is not a program or development plan of the country, but a draft legal mechanism of public authority, which is only one component of the program (plan) of development of the country. As such a component, it determines the content of legal policy.

A methodological foundation of the legal doctrine of Ukraine schematic description is provided as the development of its concept in accordance with the method of convergence from the abstract to the concrete, which allows awareness of its concept.


Ключові слова юридична доктрина; національна ідея; національна держава; юридичний механізм публічної влади; конституційна основа; концепції реформ; правова реформа


Authored books

  1. Vinogradov P, Ocherki po teorіi prava (1915) (in Russian).