Article title Idea of the «Presidential Branch of Power» as Well as Competent Interrelations of the President and Triad of the «Separated Powers» in the Mixed Republican Form of Government
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 8/2014
Сторінки [77-84]
Annotation Range of problems of the functional natuare of the institute of the president is covered in this article. Opinions on superiority of the institute of the president over the triad of the «separated powers» introduced in the professional environment are criticized. The reasons for creation of the mentioned opinions are provided. Arguments are given for the groundlessness of appropriating of so-called presidential branch of power along with the legislative, executive and judicial powers. Peculiarities of the competent interrelations of the president with the other supreme authorities of the state in the mixed republican form of government are analyzed. Prevailing character of the powers of the president concerning the competence of the bodies of the traditional branches of powers in the relevant form of the government, his role in ensuring the unity principle of the public authorities is emphasized.
Keywords form of government, mixed republic, separation of powers, duties and powers of the president, competent interrelations of the supreme authorities of the state, «presidential branch of power».