Article title Methodological Issues of Legal Anthropology
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 1/2014
Сторінки [156-165]
Annotation The article notes that although the disputes on the status of legal anthropology in the system of modern jurisprudence, regarding the range of issues relating to its competence continue, it is generally accepted that anthropological orientation is essential for the further development of the legal science. The article points at the objective and subjective preconditions of ever more increasing significance of legal anthropology and at the features and trends of evolution of scientific-theoretical and practical-applied aspects of the anthropological approach to the law. In the early XIX century development of legal anthropology in the world was characterized not only with quantitative, but also qualitative growth. It concludes that the legal anthropology is an important and promising scientific line of the modern jurisprudence. The article writer’s vision of the subject matter and methods, the role and importance, the functions of the legal anthropology, the interrelation of anthropology and law is substantiated. The issue of the «man in the system of law» or «legal man» is the «flavor» of the legal anthropology. It has turned to the challenges of the modern civilization and has a chance to become one of the leading branches of jurisprudence of the XXI century.
Keywords legal science, legal anthropology, jurisprudence, methodological issues, legal frameworks, acculturation, international law, civilizational approach.