Article title «сверхпрезидентская республика», сверхпрезидентство, президенциализм, президенциализация, парламентаризация формы правления, легитимность власти.
Name of magazine Legal journal «Law of Ukraine» (Ukrainian version)
Issue 7/2013
Сторінки [252-262]
Annotation The nature of the phenomenon of super-presidency as well as the reasons of its development in the Post-Soviet countries is analyzed in the scientific article. The interrelation of both phenomena of the super-presidency and presidentialization of the form of government is determined as well. The matter of the «super-presidential republic» is cleared out through the prism of the phenomenon of the super-presidency. The attempt to give constitutional and legal appraisal of the phenomenon of the «super-presidential republic» is made in the scientific article. The reasons are given for impossibility to define «super-presidential republic» as a special type of the republican form of government with a combination of the legal features intrinsic only to this type of the form of government as well as its own logic of organizing power.
Keywords «super-presidential republic», super-presidency, presidentionalism, presidentialization, parliamentarization of the form of government, legitimacy of the power.